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Les Robinson Retires

Les Robinson has retired as the athletic director of the Citadel.  One of Everett Case's late players at State, Robinson returned to Raleigh from East Tennessee State and did much to restore the Pack's reputation after Jim Valvano's fall.  He had less success at State than he did at ETSU, where he had some solid tournament teams and had some NCAA success as well.  His teams there were unconventional and fun, with tiny guards who drove fearlessly and 6-11 guys who roamed the perimeter.

At the Citadel, his instinct for reconciliation led to bringing former football player Nick Buoniconti (or was it brother Mark?) back into the Citadel family after his nightmarish injury and subsequent paralyzation.  He also helped the school reconnect with former Cadet Pat Conroy, who has been harshly critical of the school in his novels.

A good man, in other words.  Though he wasn't overly competitive when he coached the Pack, Robinson was, like Valvano, universally liked.  When he realized that there was a split among State fans about whether or not he should stay as coach, he decided that he'd no longer coach because he thought that a Wolfpack should be as one.

He'll be missed by many.