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Football: Duke Isn't Waiting To Make Changes

There's no question anymore that Duke has decided, collectively, to do something about football. Between hiring David Cutcliffe and plans to renovate or expand facilities, things are different now than they were not very long ago. Here's a small example.

Bathrooms at Wallace Wade have long been a point of derision. As Chris Kennedy points out, they are original, having been built in 1929, making them nearly 80 years old. That's pretty awful. About the only good thing you can say about them is that they give you an insight into plumbing and architectural techniques before the New Deal.

The plans for renovations at Wade include new bathrooms, but that's been postponed as Duke and Durham engage in the traditional kabuki dance where Duke wants to do something and Durham wants a little lagniappe. So the project has been pushed back probably until next season.

But Duke is, finally, doing something: they'll put in temporary women's bathrooms. They're also adding a small scoreboard opposite the main one so that players won't have to look back to see it (there is a bigger one planned to replace the current board).

These are small things, and some people will ridicule this. But they're important, because for the first time in a long time, there is real movement and not simply a willingness to let football be a useless appendage. And if you're going to ask people to come back to football, at a minimum, you have to provide a reasonably decent place for them to relieve themselves.