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From SI's Vault: Albert King's Recruitment

In 1977, there were three recruits who stood above all others.  Gene Banks went to Duke, of course.  Magic Johnson went to Michigan State and then on to immortality. The third guy?  Albert King, who went to Maryland.  As things turned out, basketball wasn't his dream, and it was just a means to an end. What did Albert want? To own restaurants.  We read an interview with him several years ago where he said that really, that was what he had always wanted.

Anyway, while Banks was a surprise recruit for Duke, no one really much thought Magic was going out of state.  But Albert King's recruitment became a real frenzy, and you can't blame him for being sick of it. These two articles from SI's Vault recapture some of disdain he felt for the process.  The kid who aced accounting in high school, as it turned out, had other things in mind in the long run.