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Joe Alleva Update!

Here's an update on Joe Alleva and his progress at LSU as he prepares to take the reins in July. Mostly this is fairly bland stuff, but there's a quote here that jumped out at us.

The writer says that Alleva's comment about the lacrosse case to former lax coach Mike Pressler, that "it's not about the truth," might have been taken out of context, and that's fair. Maybe it was.

But Alleva's comment that followed was somewhat eye-popping. “It was all because we had an unscrupulous district attorney (Mike Nifong) who said they were guilty. He made you believe they had done it."

Well, not everyone. It was pretty clear to us that something funny was going on almost immediately. The 911 calls didn't make sense, and, well, not much else passed the smell test. If Alleva believed it, he's as much to blame as the former D.A.

Incidentally, speaking of LSU, outgoing A.D. Skip Bertman had a heart attack Saturday, but is expected to recover.