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Draft - Nelson Not Taken, McRoberts In Trade

For basketball junkies, the NBA draft is a fun night.  It's all about potential, intrigue, and who has fallen or risen, and how far.

Freshmen went 1-2-3, although O.J. Mayo was shipped off to Memphis in a traded with Minnesota, which saw the T-Wolves end up with Kevin Love, Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal and Jason Collins.  Memphis also got Antoine Walker, Marko Jaric, and former Clemson guard Greg Buckner.

As far as the teams are concerned, the first round ended at around 26, which was where San Antonio e-mailed the entire league offering the pick.  At 27, New Orleans sold their pick for cash.

For the players, obviously, it was  big deal to finish in the first round because it means a lot more cash.  The last guy to make it was former Kansas/New Mexico guard J.R. Giddens, who was picked up by the Celtics.  It was a risky move, considering his issues, but if he pans out, a great one.

Then there are the guys who blew it, or at least overestimated their initial value.  Among them:

Joey Dorsey, Mario Chalmers, DeAndre Jordan, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Bill Walker all fell to the second round.

Chalmers, Douglas-Roberts, and Walker were all at one point or another seen as first-round picks.  Chalmer ended up with Miami, a team that needed a point, CDR went to New Jersey, where he'll be appreciated, and Walker got sent to the Celtics.  For a team with low draft picks, the Celtics managed to walk away with two really good athletes who will shore up their perimeter.  If they both work out, then Red Auerbach's comment about Danny Ainge - that he's a lucky guy - will ring true again.

For DeMarcus Nelson, it's a mixed bag. On the one hand, everyone wants to get drafted. On the other, if  you don't go first round, it's better to go in as a free agent, because you have more chances to find the right fit.  We'll see who brings him in over the next few weeks.

In other Duke news, Josh McRoberts was traded to Indiana as part of the deal for Brandon Rush, who will be joining his brother, Kareem, in Indianapolis. As a native, McRoberts might be happy to be back.

In other ACC news, J.J. Hickson went to Cleveland, where he'll benefit from being the recipient of passes from LeBron James, and where he has the chance to adopt the role that Carlos Boozer once played for the Cavs.

Charlotte apparently shopped former UNC point Raymond Felton but found no takers. They took D.J. Augustin, who may take the job away from him, although Larry Brown is famously averse to rookies.

Sean Singletary went to Sacramento at 42.  He's generally perceptive, but when ESPN's Chad Ford said that "...if Beno Udrih leaves via free agency, Singletary isn't good enough to take over -- he could barely produce wins in the ACC," that was probably the most ignorant thing we heard from his analysis. Of course he couldn't produce wins. His team was crippled by injuries.  What was important was his heart, which was incredible.

Maryland's James Gist went to San Antonio at #57. If they couldn't pawn off their first round pick, the second is just about hope.

Deron Washington was picked by Joe Dumar's Pistons at # 59, and he should count himself lucky, since Dumars is an excellent judge of talent.