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Green Room Time!

It's draft night, and while it's  going to be a very light night for the ACC, with J.J. Hickson the only likely first round pick, several others will be waiting to hear what their future might hold. DeMarcus Nelson is projected to be a second round pick, as are perhaps Deron Washington, James Gist, and Sean Singletary.Coach K says he thinks Nelson may "have [wanted] it too much" down the stretch to make his case for the league.

Nelson says he feels refreshed now and ready to make his mark.

As for Singletary, everyone admires his drive and competitive urge but it's not going to translate into a high pick.  Jay Bilas says
"I think he can play in the NBA. He's a small point guard, but he did well (in a pre-draft camp) in Orlando, and I think a lot of different people like him. And there's still a chance he could get drafted. I don't discount the possibility. I'd take him in the second round."

It'll all sort out tomorrow night.

The action at the top, meanwhile, is interesting. The general speculation now seems to favor Derrick Rose to go #1 and Michael Beasley to go second.

Indiana has shipped Jermaine O' Neal to Toronto for A.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the No. 17 pick.  New Orleans opted out of a low pick, trading off #27 to Portland for cash.

Trades should go nuts tomorrow, so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here's some more speculation.