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More On Jennings & Europe

William C. Rhoden checks in with an article about Brandon Jennings, and the prospect that he'll play in Europe for a year before jumping to the NBA.

We talked about this previously, but there are a few other points to consider.

Rhoden is basically correct in saying that for a guy like Jennings to go to college is essentially a joke. Jennings says as much himself.  So the question is whether it's a good idea to go to Europe or not and the consequences of that decision.

The theory is that he'll get to season his game for a year before going to the league by playing basketball constantly and being well compensated for doing so.

As we mentioned before, there is a considerable cultural adjustment and a question of personal maturity.  Not every 18-year-old is ready to spend a year in Europe with more money than he probably needs at that age and playing ball with grown men from all over the world.  Jennings might be; we obviously couldn't say.

And while the theory is that he will be able to improve by immersing himself in a different mindset, it's just as possible that weaknesses which don't show up in high school could show up in Europe.

It's his life and his decision, but it may not be as straightforward as it appears.  The prep-to-NCAA-to-NBA route has a number of flaws, but it has the advantage of familiarity, in terms of the process and constant exposure stateside.