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Brandon Jennings Considering Playing In Europe Next Season

Sonny Vaccaro, who has been looking for new ways to stick it to the NCAA, wants to find someone to play overseas and then go to the NBA, theoretically opening the floodgates to other elites who don't want to bother with an education.  Latest candidate: Brandon Jennings of Oak Hill, who is still trying to qualify at Arizona, says he might go if he can't get his scores.

A couple of points here: even in this case, Jennings would prefer to play in college than get paid in Europe.   And while his mother says he's fine with the idea of playing overseas, there are a number of things which make it tough for the average 18-year-old, among them language, culture, and cuisine, not to mention being so far from home. 

True, a number of guys honed their games overseas, but they grew up there, too. 

It's an interesting move if he does it, but like everything else in life, there are no guarantees.