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Lawson - Who Knew UNC Fans Were So Fickle?

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We didn't see this story the other day, so our apologies for linking it somewhat late. Turns out that the decisions by UNC's three would-be draftees hasn't gone over all that well with some fans. TyLawson in particular can't understand how so many UNC fans have turned on him.

Part of us is tempted to say, well, UNC fans, what did you expect? And there's some truth to that. People who run around gleefully suggesting that God is on their side when it comes to athletics (you know the old conceit - "If God is not a Tar Heel..." Not to put too fine a point on it, but since the nickname comes from fighting to defend slavery, God might not be that excited about being placed in that camp without consent) might be expected to have a tough time with rejection.

But UNC fans, as they often do, provide Duke fans with a useful lesson: there's no point in alienating people. Duke fans weren't much better when Josh McRoberts left, frankly. One hopes Duke fans can draw a lesson from both examples.

Meanwhile, back in Chapel Hill, Will Graves sees minutes open if Lawson and Wayne Ellington stay in the draft. Danny Green? His dad is now talking in the past tense.