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Finals - An Amazing Comeback

With the Celtics logging a remarkable win over L.A. in the NBA Finals, we thought naturally of Joe Pagliuca, the son of one of the owners, who walked on at Duke. What we didn't know was that his father, Steve, went to Duke as well.

Not that it matter as far as who we pull for. Like Pagliuca's partner, Wyc Grousbek, we fell for the Celtics as kids. There's just something about the team - the uniforms, the parquet floor, the cigar - the whole business. It's a great, great franchise.

With their win and the trades that put them in the finals, we're reminded of what Red Auerbach said of G.M. Danny Ainge, when he was hired. Yes, Auerbach said, he's good. He's also lucky, meaning that, in the broad sense, he had good luck. Once again, Auerbach's ability to judge people has been proven superb.