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Serious Trouble For The NBA?

You really have to consider the source here, but crooked ref Tim Donaghy says that the officials who worked Game 6 of the 2002 series between L.A. and Sacramento essentially threw the game, and did so because they were "company men" who either acted in what they saw as the NBA's best interest, or at the behest of the league. The officiating in that game was so questionable that even Ralph Nader called for an investigation.

David Stern didn't appreciate this at all and had some fairly harsh words for Donaghy:

“This is criminal activity that Tim Donaghy has admitted to, and this is sour grapes… Because a convicted felon said something about his colleagues in order to lower his time away, am I worried about that? I’m worried that someone is out there saying it, but [those of you in the media are] the one[s] who will either deal with it or not as part of the media.”

This is potentially a huge problem for the NBA, and one that could greatly damage the league's credibility.