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Luke Winn: Terps Desperate

Luke Winn takes a look at Maryland's gamble on Tyree Evans and is, well, not real sure how this is going to pan out. Neither are we (here's what we said when he announced). As we said previously, and as Winn says too, it's a desperation move by Maryland.

Who was the last guy in the ACC to bring this much baggage? We really had to think about it for a minute, because while some of the conference schools don't mind blurring some lines here and there, they're all really image-conscious. So who else came in with this many warning signs? We can only think of one: Chris Washburn. That cat was bad news, and he went a long ways towards destroying Jim Valvano's career.

Evans is saying all the right things, but given his track record (and rap sheet), we'll believe it when he walks out the door.