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New A.D. - Notre Dame's Kevin White

Looks like Duke is going to hire Notre Dame's Kevin White as their new A.D.

Perhaps his biggest accomplishment has been to keep the exclusive NBC deal going despite an awful stretch for Notre Dame football.  White bears some responsibility for that, as he was responsible for the George O' Leary fiasco, then hired Tyrone Willingham, who he fired, unfairly according to some, after three seasons.  Then he hired Charlie Weiss from the New England Patriots, who is 22-15 thus far and whom White awarded a 10-year extension after one year on the job.  He has been the subject of some controversy otherwise, with some former players impugning his integrity.

On a more positive note, he wasn't the guy who hired Matt Doherty, and he did hire Mike Brey.  Presumably, Coach K will be able to learn whatever he wants about White from Brey.

One of the consistent self-criticisms of folks in the athletic department is that Duke is no longer a small-time operation and has to approach things more professionally and aggressively.

White may help in that regard. He's Duke's first A.D. with much of a business background (with a B.A. in business), and has a Ph.D. in education as well.   He has taught management courses at Notre Dame's business school, and he has a background in high school coaching as well (mostly in track and field, but also in wrestling and football).

Fundraising is a relatively recent thing in South Bend, with the first major campaign for athletics taking place in just the last few years, but raising $127 million in short order.

We'll all know more soon, but our initial guess is that the athletic department will be run more like a business, and this will cause some irritation for a time.

We wish his football hires had been better, but otherwise, he looks like a solid hire.  One other mild concern: at 57, he may not be around for as long as we might like.  Then again, he might go until he's 70.