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FAU Can Probably Relax

For the third time in a row, Florida Atlantic is forced to wonder if their newly hired coach Mike Jarvis is using them as a stepping stone. Previously, Matt Doherty and Rex Walters used the job to get to Southern Methodist and San Francisco, respectively.

Jarvis is less likely to do so, if only because he's 63. After a season to rebuild his reputation, he'd be 64. It's one thing to hire, say, Bobby Knight at that age; it's another altogether to hire Jarvis near retirement age. He's still vigorous, but coaching is increasingly a young man's game. He could put together a decent run at an out-of-the way school, but the chances of a program like Florida State or, say, Alabama might hire him are pretty slim.

Speaking of Doherty, by the way, he seems to have built a pipeline to Senegalese talent, including Mouhammad Faye lately of Georgia Tech, and has his team there for a summer tour at the moment.