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Lee Fowler Feeling Some Pressure?

N.C. State athletic director Lee Fowler is not the most beloved guy in Raleigh. After the poorly conducted basketball search, which ended up with Sidney Lowe, and a consistent failure to win championships, the fan discontent may be rising (and the success Herb Sendek is having out west, both on the court and recruiting-wise, is bound to irritate State fans, who never really accepted him)..

In fairness to Fowler, fans were agitated about the last two guys who held his job, Todd Turner and Les Robinson, and arguably even about Jim Valvano, at least as far as his A.D. responsibilities went.

State fans are not the easiest bunch to satisfy, and it's been a while since they've had much to be happy about, so it's understandable to an extent.

Fowler appears to be aware of the dissent and has tried to address it, appearing on 850TheBuzz recently and taking questions, for instance. Nothing would help more, though, than a winning program.