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A Cutcliffe/Sidney Lowe Article!

This article could go either as an ACC article or a Duke football article, because it spends some time talking to Sidney Lowe about his team and also some time talking to David Cutcliffe about his. Here's the best part of the Cutcliffe comments:

"We can't change the culture. We have to earn a new culture. That's what we've come in selling and telling our squad. How do you go about doing that? You do it with an unbelievable conditioning level, you do it with an unbelievable commitment to football. For the first time, the entire football team is in the first session of summer school. There's a newfound confidence in our team. The culture change has to come not only with the football team, it has to come within the fan base. I'm going to flat challenge 'em. I've been to places where people come up to me complaining about the radio coverage, well, why are you listening to it on the radio? That's my question. That's the least of my concerns."

Cutcliffe is connecting, we'd say.

There is also audio at the end of this article.