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Join the Duke Band For The Lacrosse Final Four!

We will be putting together a band for this weekend's Men's Lacrosse Final Four in Boston and you are invited to reserve a spot on a first-come-first-served basis.

To register, email Band Director, Jeff Au at  now with your name, instrument, and any questions you might have.

The first game is scheduled for this Saturday, May 24th at 2:30 PM and the championship game will be played Monday, May 26th at 1 PM.

The band is limited to 29 players and it will be on a first-come-first-served basis within a predetermined instrumentation. So, for example, the first two flute players to respond will get the spots. After that, there would have to be a shortage in another section for the third flute respondent to be allowed to play.

Preference will be given to band members who commit to both games.

The timeline will be:

  • Tuesday the 20th - I will compile all requests and determine which sections have room for more people and, if needed, reshuffle instrumentation to meet requests. I will then let everyone know his/her status and finalize a roster as quickly as possible.
  • Saturday the 24th - Game #1 - we may do a pregame event.
  • Sunday the 25th - most likely a free day but band members will be expected to play if an event arises (nothing happened on this day last year)
  • Monday the 26th - Game #2

Band members will be responsible for getting themselves to and from Boston but other than that, Duke will foot the bill. One exception is that, at this time, I don't know whether any parking fees will be covered - I'm working on that. The other exception will be for those living in the Durham area- we MAY be able to get you a seat on the team plane. I won't know for sure until, at the earliest, tomorrow. If you live near Durham and would like to play, I would suggest that you plan to drive or purchase a refundable ticket and cancel it if we are able to fly you.

We'll be staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel -

39 Dalton Street - Boston, Massachusetts 02199

Each band member will be housed (2 per room) and given a per diem of $30 per day ($7 for breakfast, $8 for lunch, and $15 for dinner).

If a band member wants to bring other family members, they must be housed at their own expense. If you have two band members in your family, feel free to bring more family members if you want to crowd into one room.

This is all the information I have at the moment. If you are interested in playing, please respond to this message as soon as you can and tell me what instrument you play. As was the case last year, please try to be patient with me as I work out the details - a lot of stuff has to happen in a short time-period. The good news is that, because we did this last year, I know more what to expect and things should go more smoothly. I promise that I will get all information to you as soon as I have it.

Thanks for your time. I hope to see you in Boston this weekend.