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Stepheson To Leave UNC

Alex Stepheson, who went home for part of this past season for family reasons - if we recall correctly, his father was said to be sick - is leaving UNC for what he says are "health challenges" back home in California.

Ol' Roy Williams takes his tendency towards sentimental schlock to new levels, saying that "I am extremely, extremely disappointed, but I feel so great about Alex that I understand his decision to transfer. He is doing this because of health concerns and by being closer to home he will be able to provide the necessary support and help his family needs at this time.

"He is a wonderful kid. I thoroughly enjoyed coaching him and know that he would have contributed so much more in the next two years. ... I'll miss him, but he will always be important to me. I told him I'd give him a Kansas sweatshirt to remember me by."

Okay, we made that last one up. But doesn't it sound something like a guy breaking up with a girl? Read it this way:

"She is a wonderful girl. I thoroughly enjoyed [blanking] her and know that she would have [blank] in the next two years. ... I'll miss her, but she will always be important to me."