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Cheap Shot

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Gary Parish takes a casual shot at Duke in this article, but as far as we can tell, he either didn't think it through or isn't saying what he knows. Here's what he said about the Miles Plumlee recruitment:

"...perhaps the best story of them all is how Stanford lost Miles Plumlee to Duke when Johnson left for LSU, this despite Duke associate head coach Johnny Dawkins being named the new coach at Stanford.

On the surface, it looks like Mike Krzyzewski stole his former assistant's top incoming player.

In reality, Duke was working the Plumlee deal long before Dawkins was even in the picture."

Okay, but if you're going to say that, shouldn't you back it up?

The key word here is "working." Since we're not consulted on recruiting discussions at Duke, let's just look at what has been published. We do know this: Miles referred to Stanford as his dream school. We do know this: the Plumlees were unhappy that Stanford didn't do much to keep them in the loop. We do know that after Miles expressed an interest, Duke talked to Mason to make sure he was okay playing with his brother.

There's no doubt more to the story than that - there's always more than you see in a brief news story - but if Parrish knows more than that, he shouldn't just rely on inference.