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We wouldn't necessarily put too much weight into this story, but in the strategic plan for athletics there's mention of luxury boxes in Cameron. It's going to be tricky, to say the least.

You can't put them in the bleachers without killing the golden goose, and Duke's Mike Cragg sensibly says it's not an option. So where else?

Well, the obvious answer at least initially is along the top. But if you've ever sat at the top, much less in the Crow's Nest, you'll immediately understand the problem, and if you're not sure, Dick Vitale will let you know next time he's there: it's an awkward angle, and you're a long ways from the court.

It's hard to imagine anyone will pay big bucks to see a game from up there.

The other problem with a luxury box in Cameron is also pretty simple, and almost impossible to get around: you cut yourself off from the electricity. In a modern arena, it's not a big deal. Boxes are pre-planned and part of the scene. In Cameron, the whole key to the place is electricity, noise and passion, and if you wall off part of it, you not only diminish the overall effect, you also would have to limit the noise level in the boxes themselves. What's the point of having one if you can't hear yourself think?

Duke faces a problem in that only basketball produces meaningful revenue, and it's a tough problem.

Another possible answer is to find other sources of revenue. Unfortunately, the only other revenue sport is football, and Duke's had a tough time with that lately. But the potential, and the fans, are there. In Fred Goldsmith's season of glory, fans came out of the woodwork. There are a lot of people who are Duke football fans. They're frustrated, but they're there.

And you could put luxury boxes in Wallace Wade with much less of a problem.

But the odds of that are probably less than the odds of having them in Cameron, and in our opinion, it's not very likely.