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America's Worst Columnist - The Joy Of No Research!

Aside from being perhaps America's worst columnist, Greg Hansen is also one of the laziest. In this column about PAC-10 hires, he says this about Johnny Dawkins:

One question: why was Dawkins so available? Was it because so many Dookie assistants have struggled?

Why wasn’t he hired away from Coach K five or six years earlier?

A minimum amount of research could have answered those questions, and a knowledgeable columnist would know that the "obscure" coach at Southern Illinois has made a heck of an impression. Coach K was pretty obscure when Duke hired him, and Rick Pitino was an unknown when Providence gave him the job.

By contrast, he sees Herb Sendek as having "savvy" and hopes Arizona will get someone as good as the Herbster when Lute retires. And if he had followed the Stanford fiasco at all, he'd know what a mess it almost became.

Should Lute retire? Maybe. But he's not the only one.

Speaking of Dawkins, here's Jason Williams on his former coach.