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Stickergate Update!

We were somewhat surprised about how intensely UNC fans are feeling about what might as well be called Stickergate: they're pretty worked up over Ol' Roy Williams slapping a Jayhawks sticker on his shirt Monday night. Our feeling is that it's no big deal and no great surprise, either.UNC fans who posted messages on an N&O page and who called into 850TheBuzz are almost universally angry about it. One said that they were upset that he stayed to watch the game and sent his players home by themselves to face the fans. Well, maybe that's a point. Some others, perhaps a bit more shortsighted, are calling for him to be fired over this. Just out of curiosity, who would the next coach be?

Incidentally, the boys at 850TheBuzz were responsible for the video we linked about Ol' Roy's ties. They're back at it with "Pardon Me Roy." Not bad! It'll scroll off of their blog, but you can catch it if you look pretty soon.