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The Night's Other Big Story

The story of the night, of course, is the title won by Kansas over Memphis. However, it may not be the biggest story: the NCAA and the NBA have decided to work together to remake youth basketball in the States. They haven't entirely defined it, but the two entities aren't at each others throats anymore - Myles Brand says the relationship has turned 180 degrees. They've put $30 million into the enterprise. It could still turn sour, but Paul Hewitt calls it "the most profound thing that’s happened since I’ve been in the game."

The NCAA has wanted to do something for a long time, since their product has been damaged by shoe companies and various hangers-on to high schoolers, and the NBA has just been hammered by kids who have not developed a sense of professionalism, much less basic fundamental skills. Keep any eye on this; it's a really big deal.