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"I've Never Been So Embarrassed In My Life"

That's what Marcus Ginyard said after the Kansas game, after losing 84-66, and who can blame him?

Honestly, we don't even know where to begin with this game. It was mind-boggling to see UNC go down by 28 - 28! in the first half. It was astonishing to hear Billy Packer say that the game was over in the first half. Seeing the Heels mount a 24 point comeback was also incredible. And then, finally, to see Kansas go from a five point lead with 5:41 left to a nineteen point lead when Ty Lawson hit a meaningless three point shot at the buzzer - it was just a bizarre game.

Kansas took it right at UNC, pounding the ball down low, often over the Heels defense, and - most amazingly in the first half, they just made UNC look slow, and, frankly, incompetent.

If you didn't like UNC, it was pretty much a lovefest for the first 15 minutes. Kansas was incredible. We're hard pressed to think of an outburst that impressive in the Final Four. Maybe Georgetown holding Kentucky to something incredible like two points in the second half (or maybe it was one basket, but whatever it was, Georgetown was freakish defensively. This was in the Patrick Ewing years).

Kansas fans, needless to say, got what they were hoping for, and then some. They'd have been thrilled to win a tautly fought contest and then go on to the title game Monday night (who wouldn't?). Instead, they got to humiliate Roy Williams not once, but twice - in the same game. For those who have been longing to pay him back, well, it'll never get sweeter than this. After Kansas lost in the Final Four, just before Williams decided to take the UNC job, an interviewer asked him if he was interested. "I don't give a shit about North Carolina right now," he famously answered. Now that he's done, perhaps the KU fans should consider a T-shirt with the score and the quote returned: "I don't give a shit about Roy Williams."

They'll get Memphis in the finals. Memphis wasn't quite as awesome against UCLA as Kansas was against UNC, but they were pretty impressive. Their big guards are giving everyone fits. Since KU has small guards, what Memphis has been doing to everyone else they might be able to do to Kansas. They beat UCLA 78-63, and just ran them into the ground, and again frustrated their guards. Memphis has a striking collection of athletes. We missed both picks so far, so John Calipari probably wouldn't like it, but they're hard to pick against on Monday. They're an amazing team.