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Saturday's Predictions (Don't Bet The Rent Money Here)

Usually, we have a pretty strong feeling at some point about the Final Four, but this year, we're basically drawing a blank. Everybody's got a great defense, great guards, strong inside play, and superb coaching. The last thing we look at is who can play well in the halfcourt, and, well, they can all do that fairly well, too, which is important, because when things tighten up, they all slow down. High stakes make everyone conservative. Look at State-Houston, or Duke-Vegas for examples. Georgetown-Villanova is another. Heck, Georgetown-UNC, for that matter.

All four teams are great. Forced to make a choice, though, we'll go with UCLA and Kansas, based on experience, defense, and the ability to play different styles.

Which means, of course, that UNC and Memphis will probably win.