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Dawkins Takes Over At Stanford, Bowlsby Makes His Life Harder

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Here's some more on Johnny Dawkins to Stanford, with one article from the San Francisco Chronicle. Bob Bowlsby, who has been roundly criticized for his handling of Dawkins' predecessor and the subsequent search, almost immediately introduced the idea that Dawkins was going to head back to Durham to succeed Mike Krzyzewski at Duke upon Coach K's retirement, and he also suggested that Coach K thinks he's good for another decade (quick - 10x25+803=1053...)

Quite a bit of work for a simple press conference, much less for introducing your new coach. Stanford partisans may already be sick of Duke: first Joe Alleva leaves Durham and plucks their coach, then Dawkins is introduced and Stanford's A.D. immediately feeds into speculation about how long he might stay, and then, as noted several places recently, there is the speculation that Miles Plumlee, who has asked Stanford to release him, could end up in Durham.

Poor Johnny. There's no doubt he's capable and talented and we expect he'll do a great job. But if his boss was trying to complicate his life right out of the chute, he couldn't have done a much better job.