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Really? (Yes, Really)

Johnny Dawkins has been mentioned as a candidate at Stanford, but it would surprise us if he took the job, although obviously you never know.

The book on Johnny has always been that he's relatively content in his niche at Duke and is very likely to be considered a strong candidate whenever Coach K retires. Secondly, we're not sure, but we're guessing he's pretty much running the show at Duke while K is involved in the Olympics, and leaving chaos at this point would be a bad move, personally and professionally. It would be very difficult to incorporate a new assistant in the middle of the Olympic drive for gold.
On the negative side, at this point, who would want to work for Bob Bowlsby? He blew the Trent Johnson situation, Stanford has a fairly low-paying job by the standards of the profession, and the search has been just this side of disastrous. Columnist Ray Ratto thinks this situation might spell the end for Bowlsby at Stanford. Factor in the salary, the uncertainty of your prospective boss, and even more restrictive recruiting standards, and aside from the lure of the bay and The Farm, and it's hard to see what could sell this job to someone who already has a pretty good position.

The best two candidates would be Kevin Stallings or Bob McKillop, but they are apparently not interested. Hard to blame them.

One other note: Miles Plumlee has asked for permission to talk to other schools.