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A.D. Search Update!

Here's the latest on the A.D. search: a committee has been formed, consisting of Roy Bostock, Duke V.P. Richard Riddell, and the following (according to the Herald-Sun):

  • James Coleman, professor of law, member of the Duke Athletic Council
  • Kip Frey, member of the athletics advisory board
  • Sue Harnett, member of the athletics advisory board
  • Jon Jackson, associate director of athletics/communication
  • Kerstin Kimel, women's lacrosse coach
  • Carol (Cookie) Kohn, trustee, member of the athletic council
  • John Mack, trustee
  • Clarence G. Newsome, trustee
  • Kathleen K. Smith, professor of biology, faculty athletics representative 1998-2007
  • Tallman Trask III, executive vice president

The paper suggests that Mike Cragg will be the leading internal candidate. He may be the only one - Chris Kennedy and Jackie Silar both say they're not interested.