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Brendan Haywood Gets Ugly

When he was at UNC, 7-0 Brendan Haywood developed a reputation as being one of the biggest babies to play in the ACC in years, earning the derisive nickname of Brenda. For opposing fans who couldn't stand his routine, you should tune into Game 3 of the Wizards/Cavaliers series, because there's a pretty good chance you'll see Haywood take a beating.

That's assuming he's not suspended after a nasty takedown of LeBron James. Here's the YouTube video. You don't mess with David Stern's meal ticket.

If Stern opts not to suspend Haywood, however, under ancient NBA traditions, retaliation is called for. The best bet to mug Brendan: Ben Wallace.

Here's the truth: Haywood has always been a punk. Knocking down a smaller guy who is in the air is in full keeping with his character. He won't be as, well, cavalier with Wallace, who is likely to show Haywood a lot of dirty tricks he's learned over his 11 years in the league.