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This Means War! (Well, Maybe)

As the European experiment moves forward, Brussels has challenged a number of uniquely European traditions. Most famously, they tried to overturn the long-time German tradition of the purity law for beer, trying to force them to brew in a modern manner. The Germans, it is safe to say, were not thrilled with this idea.  Now it is the Scots who are upset, as bagpipes are no longer to be played above 85 decibels and the performers are to wear ear plugs as the EU seeks to protect their hearing.

This is not going over well with pipers, who say that there is no volume switch and that enforcing this will mean it will be impossible to have a pipe band because they won't be able to hear each other. And they are designed to be loud and blaring instruments.

Bagpipes have long been used to lead armies into battle, and the last time they were outlawed, by the British in 1745, it didn't go over too well. Our bet is that it won't go over well this time either.