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A.D Speculation Gets Underway!

Here's Frank Dascenzo on Duke's search for a new A.D., with comments on Joe Alleva's tenure. It's not a particularly flattering column for Alleva, and he also talks about how things at Duke may have changed. He drops a couple of names of potential candidates as well, and they're the first two listed below. After them are two current members of the athletic department we'd expect to be interested (there are probably others):

  • Rick Chryst - MAC Commissioner
  • Leo Hart - Chairman, U.S. personnel, Inc/Chairman of the Duke University Athletics Advisory Board
  • Mike Cragg, currently head of the Legacy Fund
  • Chris Kennedy, interim A.D.

Another name that might come up at some point is Craig Angelos, currently A.D. at Florida Atlantic. We came across his name while reading about LSU's courtship of Joe Alleva. We don't know much about him, frankly, but he's apparently highly regarded and considered a rising star. Here's another impressive fact: he's got six kids. Basically, that's irrelevant to his job performance, except for this: anybody who has six young children (from 1 to 15) and can effectively organize his life has our full respect. Running a department full of adults is not nearly as challenging.

Incidentally, keep in mind that this list is culled from Dascenzo's article and our best guesses. We have little insight as to who is actually pursuing the job. We also don't know if Leo Hart's bio is up to date or not, but he's had an interesting career since leaving Duke and has significant management, financial and fundraising experience

The good news is that everyone on this list is either a Duke grad, or a long-term employee, and gets what Duke is about (Angelos excepted, of course).