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Tuesday's Tourney Links!

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By this time Friday, you're going to be sick and tired of hearing about Kansas and Roy Williams, but it ain't Friday yet! The Times opens up with this small bit. Here's our anticipated cycle: sentimental to maudlin to snappish back to maudlin. This could be better than a tournament pool. Here are some other links for your perusal.

Tuesday's Tournament Links!
Keegan: Kaun inspires hunted Davidson’s last gasp goes awry
Williams, Heels loom Kansas basketball notebook
LSU sets tempo, knocks off UNC UNC 2008 mirrors national championship team of 2005
Elite Eight reactions 5 years after Roy Williams left Kansas, Jayhawks get their shot
Kansas fans still bitter over Williams' exit to UNC Dakich tells IU players Bassett and Ellis: You're off the team
Speculation rampant as Indiana searches for coach Rumors swirl around Hoosier basketball
Cavs already focused on next season Tech only looking forward
They're Celebrating in the Streets of Lawrence, KS Wolfpack run still magic
Packer set to call 100th Final Four game Are you happy that Kansas University will be playing against Roy Williams?
Kansas: More to Davidson Than Just Curry Dakich boots 2 IU players
Players don’t get sidetracked by past U of M's success benefits campus
UCLA's Love proves he's at head of the class UNC-Kansas analysis goes beyond X's and O's
Wooden following UCLA success from afar Florida, Ohio State on track for NIT title clash
Coaching speculation swirls in Indiana's silly season Davidson fans proud to the end
Seeds are sown for a classic Final Four Calipari looking for some respect
Kansas' Self is totally thrilled What UCLA is saying
Williams has old, and new, business A Run for the Ages: Davidson's dazzling streak of victories in NCAA Tournament inspired many
Crittenton's journey in NBA hectic Rose all the rage after Memphis' win