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ACC Roundup

Don't look now, but State might be pulling things together, as they beat Virginia Tech, 73-63 in Raleigh. It was a solid performance by State, and interestingly enough, Brandon Costner didn't play as he injured rib in practice. Addition by subtraction? Possibly. At least there was no petulance in reserve.

ACC Wednesday Night Action!
Teams Times TV
Maryland @ B.C. 7:00 ESPNU
GT @ Wake Forest 7:00 X
FSU @ Miami 7:30 X
Duke 7-0 1.000 19-1 .950
North Carolina 6-1 .857 21-1 .955
Clemson 4-3 .571 16-5 .762
Maryland 4-3 .571 14-8 .636
Virginia Tech 5-4 .556 14-9 .609
NC State 4-4 .500 15-7 .682
Wake Forest 3-4 .429 13-7 .650
Boston College 3-4 .429 12-8 .600
Georgia Tech 3-4 .429 10-10 .500
Miami 2-5 .286 15-6 .714
Florida State 2-6 .250 13-10 .565
Virginia 1-6 .143 11-9 .550

It's also interesting that State's rotation has shrunk back to nearly last year's level, with only three guys getting off the bench, and only for 36 minutes and eight points.

Javi Gonzalez may have nailed down the point guard spot, as he got 29 minutes to the 11 Marques Johnson got in relief. Apparently, El Sid has his man.

State got 21 points out of J.J. Hickson, with 17 of those coming on free throws. Tech was just awful for a lot of the game, missing 10 of their first 11, and not even getting to double digits until the5:19 mark.

State won despite coughing the ball up 21 times.

Last year, one of their kids, said that State had their number. When a reporter asked Seth Greenberg if that was true, he said "next question."

As he has done with Duke, Greenberg suggested that the officiating wasn't fair, saying that "[Hickson] got to the line ... 17 times. We only got to the line 10 times as a team. It's a little bit disturbing."

That's getting a bit old, whether it's Duke or State. Hickson is a load to deal with, and Tech has young post players. It's not a big surprise.

Duke and UNC are the highlight game Wednesday, but there are three others: Maryland-B.C., FSU-Miami and Georgia Tech-Wake Forest.