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Duke's Super Bowl Dividend

There may have been better Super Bowls in some senses, but we can't remember one that was more riveting than the absolute classic Eli Manning and Tom Brady put on. It was really a defensive classic until the last few minutes, when Brady put on a classic drive, culminating with a pass to Randy Moss that seemed to lock the game, and the perfect season, up.

Not quite. Manning put on an equally spectacular drive, highlighted by an amazing slip of a Patriot who all but had him in his arms, and a catch off the helmet by his receiver, David Tyree. It was an incredible performance by the Giants, and it will be talked about for years.

One of the places where it's likely to be talked about a lot is in Durham, where the mentor of Eli Manning and his brother Peyton, David Cutcliffe, now toils. Cutcliffe has already impressed a number of young quarterbacks who previously wouldn't have even considered Duke, and he can really crow now.

In fact, although it might seem heretical, one could argue that Cutcliffe has a better knack for developing quarterbacks than Steve Spurrier. Spurrier has his system, which has been incredible, but his guys haven't really lit the NFL on fire.

Just one more reason to be jazzed about Duke football.