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Knight Watch

Here's one you may not have seen coming: Dick Vitale is pushing Bob Knight for the South Carolina job, and supposedly, Knight is interested. Why would he even consider this? Aside from just leaving his team in mid-season, aside from being 68 and tired, there's almost no way he could succeed on a serious level at South Carolina. South Carolina's A.D. is looking for someone "young and energetic," and that's probably a wise move.

Bob Knight could still win somewhere. His natural home, though, is the Midwest, and he'd be a lot better off, if he wants to get back into it, to do so back there.

On the other hand, though, Knight has a new job: after years of tormenting the press, Knight will work with ESPN, commenting on the conference tournaments and the NCAAs. This will be interesting. Knight is incredibly smart and entertaining when he wants to be. But what happens when his temper kicks in? Who bears the brunt?