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Saunders Slaps Lax Around Some More

In his latest attack on the Duke lacrosse team, Barry Saunders resorts to childish stereotypes, saying that "Oh, their wittle feelings have been hurt" and the like. You know, those evil rich Duke kids, like a) they're all rich, and b) money makes all your problems go away (go ask Britney if it works that way).

What he doesn't appreciate is that every time they get googled, by a potential employer or whoever, this false and malicious case will come up. We're not sure he fully understands this, but let's just put this fictional table out there to make the point. In the near future, when someone googles Saunders, they'll get this page. None of it's true, not a word. It's a demonstration. But hopefully he'll have a better understanding.

For the lacrosse players, though, it is real, and they do have a beef. Several, actually.

Happy googling!

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Barry Saunders statutory
Barry Saunders prostitute
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Barry Saunders Duke fan (ha!)
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