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ACC Roundup

Tuesday night's only ACC game featured B.C. bowing to Virginia Tech, as the Hokies continue their impressive late run and moved to fourth place in the ACC, and they're probably making Maryland sweat, since the Terps are now likely the sixth or seventh ACC team that may get a bid. By our reckoning, of course Duke and UNC are locks, and Clemson pretty much is too, barring a late collapse. Miami should make it - they have an excellent RPI and they're playing well late. Then the last three possible are Virginia Tech, Maryhland, and Wake Forest.

Wednesday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
FSU @ NC State 7:00 ESPNU
Miami @ Clemson 7:30 X
North Carolina 11-2 .846 26-2 .929 3
Duke 10-2 .833 23-3 .885 4
Clemson 7-5 .583 19-7 .731 22
Virginia Tech 8-6 .571 17-11 .607 64
Maryland 7-6 .538 17-11 .607 66
Miami 6-6 .500 19-7 .731 24
Wake Forest 6-6 .500 16-9 .640 62
Florida State 5-8 .385 16-12 .571 77
Georgia Tech 4-7 .364 11-14 .440 87
NC State 4-9 .308 15-12 .556 74
Boston College 4-9 .308 13-13 .500 105
Virginia 3-9 .250 13-12 .520 119

B.C. had a miserable game and not even Tyrese Rice could do much. He scored 15 points, but it took him a lot of shots to get there. The Eagles have now lost nine of their last 10.

There are two ACC games Wednesday night, with Miami at Clemson and FSU visiting Raleigh. State has really struggled lately, and fans are again pledging allegiance to apathy. FSU is at least still playing hard and trying to win. If things weren't bad enough for the Pack, now they have to start asking: will Hickson stay or go?

El Sid says the problem is simple: guards.

Miami has a chance to really solidify their status with a win over Clemson. If they can beat Clemson, they close out with Virginia and B.C. at home and FSU in Tallahassee. Really, with their RPI, 9-7 should work, but 10-6 is irrefutable.

Rick Bozich of the Louisville Courier-Journal doesn't like ESPN's ranking of the greatest college players of all time saying that it's got too much ACC for his taste and not enough SEC. But who exactly would he offer from the SEC? Remember, this is all-time greats, and you have to look past Kentucky. He predicts Pete Maravich, which makes sense, but who else? Bernard King? Please. Chris Jackson? Shaquille O' Neal?

Okay, Shaq, but not as a Top 12 player.

He argues for Alex Groza and Darrell Griffith. Groza was before our time, but we can think of 20 players who were at least as good as Griffith. Here's a quick crack at it: Walter Davis, Len Bias, Chris Webber, Frank Ramsey, Jeff Mullins, Rick Barry, Clyde Drexler, Buck Williams. Grant Hill. We could go on, but all those guys were great.

So far they've got Tim Duncan (22), Ralph Sampson (18), Michael Jordan (13) and Christian Laettner (12). All of them are deserving. Bozich thinks Duncan got it because of his NBA career, but he was impossibly good in college.