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Barry Jacobs On Winning At Home!

Duke is 6-0 in ACC play this season at Cameron Indoor Stadium, with games left against Georgia Tech (Feb. 27) and North Carolina (March 8). Every other ACC squad already has at least one loss on its home court in 2008.

Since 1990, 16 ACC squads went through their home schedule without a loss against a conference opponent. Virginia was 8-0 in 2007 against ACC rivals at its new digs, John Paul Jones Arena.

Nearly one in three of the 16 undefeated home teams since 1990 won NCAA titles. Duke in 2001 was the only ACC squad over those 18 seasons that captured a national championship without also going undefeated at home in the league. The '01 squad lost at Cameron Indoor Stadium to Maryland and North Carolina.

Since 1990, of schools that belonged to the league for all 18 years, only N.C. State has failed to go undefeated at home in ACC play. Other than Duke, Wake Forest has made the most of its home court advantage during that span.

Undefeated Home Seasons In ACC Play, Since 1990

Clemson 1990
Duke 1991*, 1992*, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2003
Georgia Tech 1996
Maryland 1995, 2002*
North Carolina 1993*, 2005*
Virginia 2007
Wake Forest 1996, 2003, 2005
* Won national championship