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ACC Roundup

In Wednesday night ACC action, Miami gained ground, Maryland lost ground, and State just lost.

All Maryland really has to do is to win the games it should win. Now, after getting upset by Virginia Tech 69-65, things are getting tougher. Miami and Wake Forest suddenly look like formidable road games, with both angling for their own bids. Clemson won't be easy, either. Only Virginia is a good bet.

Thursday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Virginia @ Georgia Tech 7:00 RSN
ACC Standings
North Carolina 10-2 .833 25-2 .926
Duke 10-2 .833 22-3 .880
Clemson 7-5 .583 19-7 .731
Maryland 7-5 .583 17-10 .630
Wake Forest 6-5 .545 16-8 .667
Virginia Tech 6-6 .500 15-11 .577
Miami 5-6 .455 18-7 .720
Georgia Tech 4-6 .400 11-13 .458
Boston College 4-7 .364 13-11 .542
NC State 4-8 .333 15-11 .577
Florida State 4-8 .333 15-12 .556
Virginia 2-9 .182 12-12 .500

Maryland failed at possibly the worst point in the season for them.

In Raleigh, a long season for State continued as UNC ran over them again, although not nearly as badly as they did in Chapel Hill. State hung around in the first half, trailing only 34-31, and actually had a six point lead fairly late, but ended up losing 84-70.

UNC didn't take kindly to the presumption of parity and went on a 31-7 run. Tyler Hansbrough finished with 32 points and 12 boards. Sidney Lowe finished with a headache.

Though some say this is a down year for the ACC, it's anything but when it comes to being competitive. This season really is remarkable. It seemed like Maryland was a sure bet after they got hot, but now? Not so much. Miami had been winning, but not in conference. The Duke win is huge for them - and their RPI. Wake and Virginia Tech aren't dead yet. The only team with a losing record is five spots from the basement. When you look around at the other power conferences, this just isn't happening. The Big 12 is close, but Colorado is at 10-15. The SEC is close, too, but LSU is 9-16. The Big East has St. John's at 10-15, South Florida at 11-16, and Rutgers at 10-17 (good decision, Lance). Oregon State is a gimme in the PAC-10 at 6-19. Northwester and Michigan have won seven and eight games, respectively. Memphis is 26-0, but they have ECU in their conference (8-16), and SMU (Matt Doherty is 8-16 also), and Rice, pathetic at 3-22. The ACC is pretty unusual.

That said, if Tech beats Virginia, they'll drag the Hoos down to a sub .500 record as well.

Seth Greenberg has a better understanding of violence than, we hope, anyone who reads this ever experiences. What happened at Virginia Tech last year was horrible for everyone there, but Greenberg was not just a coach, but also a father - his daughter is a student at Tech. So it's both understandable and very admirable that he reached out to the coach at Northern Illinois after the recent massacre there.