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So Who's A Potty Mouth?

Although we got this via e-mail several times today, we kind of held off since we couldn't find a formal transcript. But we heard it earlier on the radio and it is real. Here's what Ol' Roy said about Coach K's comments about injuries and how teams deal with them (he said that Duke, unlike some schools, doesn't necessarily publicize every ingrown toenail):
" regards to what someone else [Coach K] said about they have injuries too which is a bunch of bunk, I don't give a crap what somebody else said, coach his own damn team and I'll coach my team, in case anybody has heard some statements about that. So somebody  who talks about us publishing our injuries, they should worry about their own selves"

Obviously, Duke fans and Carolina fans will see this two different ways. But allow us to take as slightly different tack:

For all the we're shocked! Shocked! comments from UNC fans about Coach K's language, there's only one coach who has a habit of cursing in public.  We're probably missing some, but Ol' Roy has said shit on national TV, and in this quote crap and damn. We'll give a pass on frickin, even though it's obvious what he's really saying.  But UNC fans can't really make this complaint any more.  We'll have more on this later.