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ACC Roundup

The only game Tuesday is not hugely important, as Clemson travels to FSU for a 7:00 game.  Obviously Clemson wants to win, but if they lose, it won't by itself change their season.  FSU has almost no shot at the tournament now, barring a miracle drive through the ACC Tournament, which history says ain't going to happen.

Tuesday Night ACC Action!
Teams Times TV
Clemson @ FSU 7:00 RSN
ACC Standings
Duke 10-1 .909 22-2 .917
North Carolina 9-2 .818 24-2 .923
Clemson 7-4 .636 19-6 .760
Maryland 7-4 .636 17-9 .654
Wake Forest 6-5 .545 16-8 .667
Virginia Tech 5-6 .455 14-11 .560
Miami 4-6 .400 17-7 .708
Georgia Tech 4-6 .400 11-13 .458
NC State 4-7 .364 15-10 .600
Boston College 4-7 .364 13-11 .542
Florida State 3-8 .273 14-12 .538
Virginia 2-9 .182 12-12 .500

Clemson, though, is starting to realize they can be a pretty good team, albeit a flawed one.  In our view, they are absolutely an NCAA Tournament team, but in order to prosper in The Land Of Tight Games, you have to hit your free throws. It's an Achilles Heel for the Tigers.

FSU has had a tough season largely because they lost their big men for most of the season.  Julian Vaughn had to sit out for a long time for medical reasons and he hasn't really hit his stride yet. He's working his way back, but it's probably too little, too late.

UVa's Tunji Soroye, who has been out most of the season, is considering taking a  redshirt year.  There are some complications, however.

Ty Lawson is still out for UNC, and won't play against State on Wednesday.  To keep things interesting, Quentin Thomas has the flu.