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A Suggestion For Governor Easley

We caught a few minutes of the UNC-Virginia Tech game on the radio and heard Gov. Easley was going to make some important comments at the half, so being good citizens, we listened. Not surprisingly, he spoke of the seriousness of the drought in North Carolina and urged more stringent conversation. When we heard him, we had an idea ourselves about that we thought we'd pass along:

Why not have teams? Why not let people form teams to conserve and compete with each other? Duke fans could band together and compete with UNC, State and Wake fans. ECU fans of course would be mad and would beat them all, and Appalachian State fans would probably poke ECU fans in the eye just for the sport of it.
Taking it a step further, Dodger fans could organize, as could Hurricane fans or Hokie fans or Red Sox fans. It would be a great way to raise awarenes sand to push voluntary conservation. The state could set up a data base and monitor local water accounts for those who want to compete. Just a thought!
And one other thing: since Raleigh's Falls Lake is so very low, would it make sense to dredge it out some? In other words, to make it deeper, so that the next time this happens, there's more water in the damn thing?