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Barry Jacobs On Patterned Offenses In The ACC!

Which teams run the most patterned offenses in the ACC? If you answered Maryland and Boston College, you will be interested to note they are the only squads recording assists on more than 60 percent of their field goals.Gary Williams' better Maryland teams are adept at passing the ball, and the 2008 unit lives up to that standard. The Terrapins notched assists on 64.3 percent of their baskets in their first 25 games, best in the league. BC was second-best.

That Duke ranks near the bottom of the ACC in assists per made field goal is no surprise, either. The Blue Devils tend to seek fast breaks or to drive the ball at the defense in half court, probing individually for weaknesses. That approach does not accent passes leading directly to baskets.

Listed By Percent of Field Goals Compared To Assists
(Through Games of Feb. 14, 2008)

FG/Assist Assists FGM School
.643 424 659 Maryland
.602 354 588 Boston College
.584 317 543 N.C. State
.556 407 732 Clemson
.539 347 644 Georgia Tech
.533 431 809 North Carolina
.528 315 597 Miami
.526 310 589 Virginia Tech
.524 354 676 Duke
.513 309 602 Virginia
.468 295 630 Florida State
.462 280 606 Wake Forest