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Kelvin Sampson Update!

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Here's a few basic realities about Kelvin Sampson's situation at Indiana.

  1. No one said they were going to be fair and thorough. They're giving this a week. Essentially, they're just making sure they don't leave themselves open for trouble when they fire him.
  2. His boss, A.D. Rick Greenspan, will be lucky to keep his own job when it's all said and done. There's no way he's going to sacrifice himself for Sampson.
  3. The evidence that alleges Sampson lies apparently comes from the recruits, who confirm the phone calls.
  4. Sampson has very little support from anyone.
  5. Firing Sampson might get the NCAA to back off. It might not, but it could help.
  6. He's lost the Indianapolis Star, which is calling for his dismissal.

We haven't seen a single comment from anyone suggesting he has any support to continue at Indiana.

So. Assuming he is canned next week, that means that both LSU and Indiana are going to be shopping early.

Who to pick? Well, Anthony Grant's name will keep coming up, although his association with Florida might not help in this case. To be clear, Billy Donovan has never been caught doing anything, but he absolutely pushes the rules, and coaches from Roy Williams to Mike Montgomery have had highly public doubts about him and fair or not, that will matter when you're trying to get past a cheater.

Sean Miller has done a great job at Xavier, a school which is highly ethical. Keno Davis has done an amazing job at Drake, although he's only coached a year and is a baby as far as the profession goes. Butler is cruising along at 23-2 under Brad Stevens. And then there's Scott Drew at Baylor, where he's saved a floundering program under the most dire circumstances. Baylor is currently 17-6., which may not sound like much, but is an impressive recovery from their scandal.

Well, there you are: Gary Parrish says keep an eye on Scott Drew.