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ACC Roundup

UNC's injury woes continue, but they haven't stopped the Heels other than possibly the Duke game: Ty Lawson is still out, Bobby Frazor is of course out for the year, Marcus Ginyard has a turf toe on one foot and the other ankle is sprained, and Tyler Hansbrough played with the pain of an ingrown toenail which was just drained. Deon Thompson hyperextended his knee.

It's a banged-up bunch, in other words.

ACC Basketball
Duke 9-0 1.000 21-1 .955 2
North Carolina 8-2 .800 23-2 .920 3
Maryland 6-3 .667 16-8 .667 55
Clemson 5-4 .556 17-6 .739 27
Virginia Tech 5-5 .500 14-10 .583 82
Georgia Tech 4-4 .500 11-11 .500 67
NC State 4-5 .444 15-8 .652 47
Wake Forest 4-5 .444 14-8 .636 94
Miami 3-6 .333 16-7 .696 42
Florida State 3-6 .333 14-10 .583 70
Boston College 3-6 .333 12-10 .545 86
Virginia 1-9 .100 11-12 .478 138

Still, two things can happen here. Either UNC can improve despite the adversity - which they seem to be doing - or they can wear down - which is also a distinct possibility. Hansbrough in particular seems to be very tired, but is pushing through that, and the team has won two very tough games in the last couple of days, beating Clemson in double overtime and then Virginia, 75-74.

Three starters went for at least 35 minutes for UNC. Hansbrough hit for 23 and seven boards.

We're the furthest thing from UNC fans, but there's no question that this team is showing a lot of heart in very tough circumstances. They get a few days to rest up for Virginia Tech, when Lawson might be ready and Hansbrough presumably will be refreshed.

Virginia Tech has gotten a lot more out of Hank Thorn than anyone expected - he was basically a bail-out recruit when Tech's presumptive point guard transferred - but the kid is alright.

Florida State has had a tough season - like UNC and Virginia, injuries have played a key role. They have to turn to younger players now and it may be too late to have a serious impact.

Wake has been playing without L.D. Williams, who brings an element of toughness to the team. He's set to return after missing a couple of weeks with a hand injury.