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Things Get Weird For Laker Luke

Luke Walton was one of our favorite college players.  He was just so smart and resourceful and seemed like a fairly normal guy, no small accomplishment for a son of Bill Walton.  So it's not hard to feel bad for him when you learn that he's had his own stalker for some time now, one who, pretty clearly, isn't all there.

She sits outside his house all the time, at all hours of the night.  It would be enough to get to anyone.

After she drove by and cocked a finger at him, as if shooting a gun, Walton decided getting a restraining order was a good idea.  But there was another solution.

He could just have his dad go out and talk to her.  For a few days.  About almost anything.

A day or two of hearing Big Bill pontificate would be enough to drive anyone away.