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Cornell Pix!

Here are some photos from Sunday's tussle with Cornell. Enjoy!

DeMarcus for three Nolan Smith on the rise!
Gerald Henderson drives You! Go there!
Kyle Singler takes it to the hole! Paulus guarding the inbounds
Zoobs scores! Get a TO, baby!
Now this is embarrassing It's called communicating
And there's more of it Not without us you don't!
Over there! Singler on the line!
Arguing for the defense Zoobs on patrol!
They call this man Muggee Facepainter
We just liked it Loose ball! Loose ball!
This form is somewhat awkward This guy was pretty good
Bird-dogging! Note the elbow to the chin
Once again: Communication... Get it down low!
Take him, G! On second thought...
A sea of hands with nice nails It went that-a-way...
And one for you! mutual reassurance