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ACC Roundup

There are only two ACC games on Saturday, with State and Florida State playing, and then Virginia Tech heading off to B.C. No one is completely dead yet, with regards to the post-season, although Georgia Tech is pretty close, so it's not like these are meaningless games. But they're not necessarily top-flight. The game in Tallahassee should be interesting. If you could somehow merge the teams, you'd have a powerful bunch, but since FSU has the backcourt and State has the frontcourt, something will have to give. Our guess is that the backcourt will prevail here.

ACC Saturday Action!
Teams Times TV
State @ FSU 1:30 Raycom
VT @ B.C. 4:00 Raycom
ACC Standings
Duke 4-0 1.000 16-1 .941
North Carolina 4-1 .800 19-1 .950
Boston College 3-1 .750 12-5 .706
Clemson 3-2 .600 15-4 .789
Maryland 2-2 .500 12-7 .632
Wake Forest 2-3 .400 12-6 .667
Florida State 2-3 .400 13-7 .650
Virginia Tech 2-3 .400 11-8 .579
Georgia Tech 2-3 .400 9-9 .500
Miami 1-3 .250 14-4 .778
NC State 1-3 .250 12-6 .667
Virginia 1-3 .250 11-6 .647

Coach K ripped the ACC for sending Virginia Tech off to B.C. right after the Duke game, but Seth Greenberg wasn't overly upset, saying "[i]t's not difficult at all. Not an issue. Hey, BC might be rusty. In the NBA, they do it every day. It's not going to be an excuse. We're getting on a chartered plane. We're flying an hour and a half. We're going to eat a catered meal. We're going to watch film. We're going to come back that night, watch film again, have an ice cream bar and go to sleep. How tough is that?"

In Chapel Hill, the fancy new basketball museum is open, and Frank Dascenzo says it's well worth the trip.

How bad are things at State? Pretty bad, according to this article and Ken Pomeroy.