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ACC Roundup

A whole generation has grown up with the three point shot now, and it's hard to imagine the game without it. Coach K and Roy Williams have come to really appreciate it.

ACC Standings
Duke 3-0 1.000 15-1 .938
North Carolina 3-1 .750 18-1 .947
Boston College 3-1 .750 12-5 .706
Clemson 2-2 .500 14-4 .778
Wake Forest 2-2 .500 12-5 .706
Maryland 2-2 .500 12-7 .632
Virginia Tech 2-2 .500 11-7 .611
Miami 1-2 .333 14-3 .824
NC State 1-2 .333 12-5 .706
Virginia 1-2 .333 11-5 .688
Florida State 1-3 .250 12-7 .632
Georgia Tech 1-3 .250 8-9 .471

Speaking of Ol' Roy, he's not real happy with his team's defense. It's not a big deal to coaches, but he's probably also not thrilled to see Duke pass UNC in the polls: in the AP, Duke is 4th, UNC 5th; in ESPN/USAToday, it's Duke 3rd and UNC 4th.

We didn't see the whole Wake-Florida State game, but we saw enough to see what we needed to see: James Johnson looked like the real deal. He's 6-8, and he's a complete player. He's looking like the real deal, and Wake is probably going to start coalescing around him in a big way. He's really impressive, and he also underscores a central truth to the game: you can live anywhere and get really good as long as you're willing to put in the time. French Lick, Alaska, Cheyenne - if you want it, you can do it.

When it's all said and done, Sean Singletary won't be the greatest player in Virginia history, but he'll be up there. He just moved past J.R. Reynolds on the UVa scoring list.

There's a key paragraph in this story, and that's the notion that Dave Leitao lightened up. Given his tight personality, that's probably a good idea.

Singletary's teammate Adrian Joseph is happy to be in the U.S., but he still misses Trinidad.

Over in Blacksburg, Seth Greenberg is bracing for Duke without his young big man, Jeff Allen. Allen as you know was suspended after bumping an official. It makes the next two games more complicated. Allen has apologized.