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ACC Roundup

Here's a read on Georgia Tech's Mark Causey, who is playing on one knee, basically, and a lot of heart.

No Friday Games!
ACC Standings
North Carolina 3-0 1.000 18-0 1.000
Boston College 3-0 1.000 12-4 .750
Duke 2-0 1.000 14-1 .933
Clemson 2-1 .667 14-3 .824
Virginia Tech 2-1 .667 11-6 .647
Miami 1-1 .500 14-2 .875
Wake Forest 1-2 .333 11-5 .688
Florida State 1-2 .333 12-6 .667
Maryland 1-2 .333 11-7 .611
NC State 0-2 .000 11-5 .688
Virginia 0-2 .000 10-5 .667
Georgia Tech 0-3 .000 7-9 .438

There's a lot of angst at State these days, but given the play of Dave Leitao's first two classes, there may be a fair amount building at Virginia, too.

One-time UNC recruit JamesOn Curry has had another brush with the law, though this one is fairly minor, but embarrassing.

He's no longer in the ACC, but Dave Odom will always be an ACC guy at heart. Currently the South Carolina coach, Odom will announce his retirement, effective at the end of the season. He's expected to make the announcement Friday. Odom, as Ron Morris says, gave his all and was always ethical. At South Carolina, that's usually not good enough. The trick now is to find someone who would actually want the job, not as a stepping stone, or as a place to wind down a career. Good luck on that. Maybe Bobby Gonzalez wants a lateral move.